VSS Upgrade

The Vendor Self Service (VSS) is being upgraded. It will impact every VSS module. We are looking for VSS vendors to consider being Change Champions in this effort.  Change Champions play an active role in this upgrade and will be a source for improving the vendor experience. If you are interested, please complete this form.

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What does the Upgrade mean to vendors?

Change Champion

Upgrade Change Champion Interest 

We will be using an Agile approach with different deliverables for each 2-week sprint.  We invite you to consider being a Change Champion.  Being a champion has advantages and criteria that include:

Interested? Please complete the form below.  We'll get in touch with you after you express interest.


ColoradoVSS Top 6 Registration Tips

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Gather Information

After you select Register from the ColoradoVSS website, gather all of the information detailed on the Registration Tips page and have a copy of your W-9 available.

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Tax Identification Number

When entering your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from your W-9 form, leave out the dashes

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Email Verification

Make sure you enter a valid email address in your User Information.

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Commodity Codes

Make sure you enter Commodity Codes in your User Information, as this will ensure that you receive emails about newly published ColoradoVSS Solicitations. 

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Wildcard Search

When searching for Commodity Codes, entering an asterisk (*) before and after each word (or string of words) will yeild more results.

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Business Type

Enter your appropriate Business Types to help the State of Colorado classify your business appropriately.