The Vendor Self Service (VSS) is being upgraded. It will impact every VSS module. We are looking for VSS vendors to consider being Change Champions in this effort. Change Champions play an active role in this upgrade and will be a source for improving the vendor experience. If you are interested, please complete this form.

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What does the Upgrade mean to vendors?

  • More welcoming and accessible Landing Page

  • A simplified and engaging registration process that helps the registrant as much as possible

  • Easily update account information and check any changes

  • Switch between solicitations and responses through new links

  • Complete the necessary tasks and pick the components utilizing a new view of solicitation responses

Change Champion

Upgrade Change Champion Interest

We are in a pre-planning phase for the Upgrade! We will be using an Agile approach with different deliverables for each 2 week sprint. We are still planning the schedule, but in the meantime we invite you to consider being a Change Champion. Benefits and expectations of being a champion include:

  • Stay informed about the Upgrade implementation

  • Attend Change Champion meetings

  • Take part in Upgrade Testing and Training

  • Provide feedback

Interested? Please complete the form below. After you state your interest, we will be contacting you with more details.